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Wei Gu Montréal, Canada
Professional graphic designer, excellent storyteller, good time management. Today
Mohammad Golam Rishad Hasan Montreal, Canada
Experienced bookkeeper Jul, 06
Luis Jean Montreal, Canada
Seasoned Full-stack SWE Jul, 05
Wesley Alves Teixeira Montreal, Canada
Experience in Administrative, Banking, Supplier Management and Accounting Jul, 05
Anna Gorzkiewicz Saint-Lambert, Canada
Jul, 04
Harry Coulson Madrid, Spain
Graphic Designer Jun, 30
Vanessa Cyriacopoulos Verdun, Canada
Case Worker Jun, 28
Quentin Handy Lasalle, Canada
Energetic lover of basketball and sports Jun, 25
Brittany Wiebe Montreal, Canada
Trained Artist Jun, 25
Justine Bonczek Montreal, Canada
Urbanist, Administrative, Customer Service Jun, 21
Ceisha Riley Lachine, Canada
Jun, 21
Safia Marmon Montreal, Canada
Jun, 17
Ananya Kalla Montréal, Canada
Jun, 17
Zoja Barylko Montreal, Canada
Jun, 16
Sara Salehi Montreal, Canada
Jun, 13
Claudia Sopla Galarreta Montréal, Canada
Commercial and Administrative Assistant Jun, 12
Kiran Virdee Montreal, Canada
Experienced officer manager Jun, 10
Jody Anderson Montreal, Canada
Content Writer and Project Manager Jun, 05
Goran Zelenko Quebec City, Canada
Jun, 02
Giraldon Clara Montréal, Canada
May, 28