YES Artists’ Conference:

Business Skills for Creative Souls

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Our 23rd Business Skills for Creative Souls Artists’ Conference will be held on Thursday, September 12, 2024 at St Jax Center (1439 rue St Catherine Ouest). 

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Introducing: The Artists' Conference

YES empowers artists to transform their artistic passion into a sustainable income, no matter their age or location in Quebec. Whether you’re launching your career or growing an existing venture, our expert artist coaches, our themed workshops and events, are committed to guiding you on your journey to success.

The Artists’ Conference is dedicated to empowering artists and creative professionals by equipping them with the entrepreneurial skills essential for building fulfilling and sustainable careers in Montreal and across Quebec.

Since 1999, this event has been a cornerstone of our thriving Artists’ Program. It includes panel discussions, networking events, keynote speakers, and opportunities for attendees to engage with arts organizations/funders.

Key Facts and Figures

We take pride in providing a vibrant hub where upcoming and well-established artists connect, share experiences, and, best of all, inspire. Over the years…

  • More than 3,700 attendees have participated in over 22 successful conferences
  • 329 speakers attended and shared their stories, experiences, and advice
  • Countless connections have been made between Quebec artists

Discover What You’ll Gain by Attending

  • Connect with fellow artists in Quebec’s vibrant artistic ecosystem through interactive networking activities!
  • Hear valuable insights from Quebec-based artists through panel discussions and a keynote speaker!
  • Learn essential tips and tricks to develop your entrepreneurial skills as an artist!
  • Become part of a supportive community dedicated to fostering artistic growth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and listening to all the other wonderful panellists. We have a wonderful community of artists here, and it’s wonderful what the whole YES Montreal team does.

Victoria Sanchez

Actress/Filmmaker & Keynote Speaker

I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to be part of your conference today! It was a big pleasure and I feel privileged to be able to give back to you guys as you gave me so much at the start of my journey in Montreal. I loved being a part of it!

Cara Carmina

Illustrator & Panelist

Thank you again for having me today on the panel, it was really fun. It was wonderful being surrounded by so many wonderful beings.

Stephen Voyce

Recording Artist & Panelist

The conference was amazing, very inspiring, and it’s amazing to see how many lives of creative people have been touched by the work that YES does. Even though I’m still not great at networking, I met a few nice people, gave away some business cards, and left feeling as part of a community. I’m really happy to have been there.

Luis Valoyes

YES Artist Client & Conference Volunteer

Seasoned Guest Speakers

We strive to feature a diverse range of experienced speakers to provide our guests with a rich and diversified experience. Notable past speakers include:

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Photos by Erica Steeves