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Receive One-On-One Support

When you need support with your next career or business move, talking to a real human about what steps to take can make all the difference. Our employment counsellors and business coaches have helped thousands to find their way in Quebec. Meetings can take place on a one-off basis, or you can receive personalized guidance over a number of months. Find out more below!


A Personalized Approach To Career Development

We take the time to listen closely, pinpointing our clients’ needs and working together to find the right solution and the best fit. Beyond helping our clients find solutions to short-term challenges, we help equip our clients with career development skills that can be used for life.


Let’s get you connected!

Speak to an Employment Counsellor

Are you 18-39? Need help navigating Quebec’s job market? Book a one-on-one session with an employment counsellor and receive FREE one-on-one assistance with your job search.

Find a Business Coach

Whatever your age, we can match you with a business coach to guide you through any stage of your journey as an entrepreneur. From idea evaluation to sales and marketing, financing options, importing/exporting, ecommerce and more,  gain practical tips  and advice during flexible one-on-one coaching sessions.

Book a Coaching Session for Artists

Get one-on-one help with turning your creative practice into a viable source of income. Creative individuals of any age can access one-on-one coaching to help move their venture forward.

“What’s great about YES is that the coaches make a real effort to find industry-specific information for their clients.

My coach listened to me and tailored everything to my specific individual career path. Nothing was generic. The level of support was outstanding. Honestly, I was surprised that this level of support exists.”

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