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Having access to a mentor is like having access to a library of real people to give you insight and advice on your path to success. YES has compiled a range of prerecorded mentor videos, a human library of sorts, as a way for you to hear directly from a mentor at your convenience. The videos will give you insights into what daily life is like in different careers.

As part of our mentorship program, YES also offers our clients a matching service to connect you with experienced professionals who have volunteered to become mentors. Once you have connected with an Employment Counsellor or Business Coach, our Mentorship Coordinator will facilitate the matching process, connecting potential mentors and mentees to arrange an initial online meeting.

We have over 100 mentors available to meet – here are just a few:

Marketing & Brand Development Professional

This mentor is a Brand Development and Marketing Manager who is currently employed by a global footwear and accessories company based in Canada. Their current role primarily involves analyzing and interpreting key data to support strategic brand initiatives, taking the lead on go-to-market activities and process refinement. As a high-performance team-player, this mentor specializes in branding, marketing, and communications strategy on a global scale.

“My experience is mainly in marketing strategy. I can provide guidance on branding, advertising, public relations, and communications, as well as insights and data analysis, event management, and budget manageme​nt. I can also share my knowledge about policy research, international relations, account servicing, editorial planning, and vendor management”.

“Bringing brands to life with playful animations and rhythmic editing is at the core of my work. Collaborating with other artists and negotiating with clients are also key parts of my experience. I teach master classes where I help fellow professionals refine their skills and optimize their workflow”.

Freelance Director – Film Animation And Motion Design

This mentor is keen on working with artists who are starting off as freelancers or entering the job market. He founded the video department of a global advertising agency and oversaw all production as an art director before moving on to freelance work. He will be able to help you seek out the right opportunities, assist you with preparing your portfolio, and offer tips on how best to communicate with clients or potential employers.

Chef, Owner & Entrepreneur

This mentor is a chef and the co-owner of a successful and highly-reviewed bistro. As a multi-skilled manager, this mentor is highly specialized in the restaurant industry. If you are looking for guidance in the hospitality or food and beverage industry, this mentor could be a good match for you. By collaborating with them, you can learn about: team building, consulting, and putting together successful and sustainable business concepts. Get tips on kitchen layout and discover industry knowledge about equipment and products.

“Among other things, I can help you develop your organizational skills, work toward your hygiene and safety protocol certification and gain a deeper understanding of what is needed to maintain those standards”.

“As an experienced IT specialist, I am familiar with a wide range of technologies and business solutions, and most importantly, how to use them effectively. I believe my colleagues know what they’re doing, and should be enabled to make the best decisions rather than being told what to do. I feel that my academic background and professional experience, along with my supportive character traits, mean I have a lot to offer a mentee”.

Software Engineer, Scrum Master

This mentor is a software engineer with an MSc in Software, System and Services Development in Global Environment. An enthusiastic professional with 5 years of experience in IT infrastructure, system administration, and IT consultancy, this mentor recently started scrum mastering and project management practices.

“Like my coach, my mentor comes from a different background and has helped me in various ways.

The YES coaches and mentors are incredibly dedicated people, and their advice has been invaluable. They have had a huge impact both on my career and on my personal life. I still meet my mentor once in a while, even though it’s not still officially in the mentorship program. Steve is so awesome. He guided me through so many things, so many projects over the years.”

Emmanuel LaFlamme
Artist, former mentee and current YES Mentor

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