Give now to help Quebecers achieve brighter futures by building successful livesright here where we belong. 

Desmone was at a crossroads and didn’t know what to do. After dropping out of school due to bullying, they were unsure of how to secure their first employment.  

New to Quebec and struggling without a network or fluent French skills, Luz knew she had the skills to succeed but needed a hand to build her confidence in French and connect to employers. 

Armed with a terrific concept but without support and guidance, Wilfred needed someone to turn to for trusted business advice to take his concept to the next level.  

Because of supporters like you, YES was able to be there for each of the clients whose story is shared above…and thousands more. Numbers may show scope, but the success of YES lies in the personal, caring guidance and care we provide to all who come to us.    

Help us continue to develop niche, personalized programming to support people in our community where and when they need it most by donating today. 

Behind each testimonial of success is a person who was able to stay in Quebec, and our community and our economy is richer and stronger because of it.  


“For someone who has been in one career for a decade, integrating into a design world I know less well can feel daunting and full of unknowns.

My coach pushed me to take important risks and invest the time needed to get my work in front of potential clients. She’s also been a sounding board for ideas I had but have not been sure whether to pursue. She’s a little like my work therapist and a wonderful ally in navigating new terrain. I’m also learning to navigate the world of arts funding in Canada, which is very different than in the States, where I’ve spent most of my career.”

Emma Jacobs
Successful YES Artist Client

"YES is not just a place that helps you find a job - YES also gives you tips and tricks on how to find the job of your dreams.

Meetings with my job search counsellor helped me sharpen my résumé and networking skills but most importantly, kept me focused and motivated!”

Pascal Van Wynendaele
Successful YES Job Search Client

“Having done mostly temp or contract work prior to this, working with YES was the first time I was truly engaged in the job search process.

It was a lot of work as my biggest struggles were a lack of confidence, needing professional direction, being in a new town, a new culture, and learning how to navigate through all of that. By really taking the time to examine the kind of work I gravitated toward in the past, I was able to get a clearer sense of the direction I wanted to continue moving in – something I really needed. I feel empowered, more confident in myself, and excited about the possibilities.”

Jessica Brown
Successful YES Job Search Client

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To donate by phone or in person, or for more information on our fundraising efforts, please call Kathy Slotsve at (514) 878-9788 ext. 337 or email [email protected]. Cheques are made payable to Youth Employment Services. Receipts will be issued for gifts of $10 or more.

YES is a registered charity powered by CanadaHelps: BN 896568417RR0001.