Rebekah Adams Montreal, Canada
Clinical Psychology Candidate May, 21
Sophie Weider Montreal, Canada
Graduate from bachelors in sustainability looking for an impactful employment position in the climate space May, 21
Ana-Isabel Cantera Montreal, Canada
May, 21
Kamil Roy Montreal, Canada
Experience Content Editor & Coordinator Seeking An Entry Level Opportunity in Marketing May, 21
Taylor Prussky Montreal, Canada
University Student, Extensive Experience in Administration and Human Resources Operations May, 21
Russell de la Calzada-Calugay Montréal, Canada
May, 21
Evan Yu Montreal, Canada
Undergraduate Student May, 21
Avery Yuval Hazen Montreal, Canada
May, 21
Kahina laouissette Montréal, Canada
May, 20
Jerome Akabuogu Montreal, Canada
Personal Support Worker, Home Carer and Customer Service Representative May, 20
Sheng He Ge Montreal, Canada
Student at Polytechnique May, 20
Ketty Winga Montreal, Canada
Seasoned professional years of expertise encompassing Customer service, Call Center, Sales & Marketing. May, 20
Joey Coombs Montreal, Canada
May, 19
Mau Caron montreal, Canada
Therapist and Mental Health Counsellor May, 19
Mujib Ahmed Montreal, Canada
Sales person. May, 18
Étienne Massicotte Montreal, Canada
May, 18
Basheer Amin Montreal, Canada
Multilingual Writer, Educator, and Intervention warker. May, 18
Philipp Klein Montreal, Canada
Finance and Film Production Student at Concordia University May, 18
Ayaan Vashistha Montreal, Canada
As a newcomer to Canada with a background in computer engineering and proficiency in languages such as C++ and VHDL. May, 18
Abdul Wasai Sayed La prairie, Canada
May, 18