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YES can help you develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need to make your move. Get personalized, flexible, FREE* face-to-face career and business support and build your confidence for a bright future in Quebec. 


Looking for work in Quebec? Are you 18-40? Need help navigating Quebec’s employment landscape? With flexible one-on-one employment counselling, workshops, events, and our job board, we’ll equip you with the tools you need to find your next big opportunity. Find and apply for open positions, plan your career, and upskill for the future.


Got a business idea? Want to grow and scale your venture? Whatever stage you’re at in your business, whatever your age, YES’s expert entrepreneurship team can provide you with practical guidance that you can implement. With one-on-one business coaching and flexible workshops, we’ll help you forge your path as a founder.

*To access the entrepreneurship and artist programs, an annual service fee of $30 applies at registration. Then you can access free one-on-one coaching, business bootcamps, as well as legal information and accounting clinics for a whole year!


Turn your creative work into a sustainable source of income. From video game production to the Cirque du Soleil, Quebec’s creative industries carry immense strength. At YES, our expert coaches will guide you through tried-and-tested strategic processes, helping you achieve your own revenue goals with your art.

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YES is a non-profit, community-driven organization.

We have been providing English-language support to help Quebecers find employment and start and grow businesses since 1995. We guide our clients in developing personalized career or business strategies, equipping them with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their career and business objectives.

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June Newsletter

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June Client of the Month: Rosi Maria Di Meglio

June Client of the Month: Rosi Maria Di Meglio

Rosi Maria Di Meglio is a visual artist and a dedicated mother of six children. Born in Vancouver and now living and working in Montreal, Rosi graduated with distinction from Concordia University 2021 with double majors in Painting/Drawing and Art Education.  While pursuing her studies and managing a full household at the same time, she believes that her hard work ethic and dedication have opened doors for her that may not have happened if she was not as persistent.

Job Search Resilience | Stay Motivated + Build Towards Success

Job Search Resilience | Stay Motivated + Build Towards Success

In life, as in the hunt for a suitable job, resilience is the ability to deal with the hand you’re dealt and press on, even in the face of stress and unforeseen change. The good news is that this is a skill that can be developed over time. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to adapt to change—particularly in the labour market—is a skill that’s worth investing in.