Disclaimer: If you or someone you know is in immediate danger or experiencing a mental health crisis, please call 9-8-8 or go to the nearest emergency room.


Thrive Together: A Mental Wellness Journey Across Diverse Journeys

Tailored for entrepreneurs, artists, newcomers, and career-focused individuals in Quebec’s English-speaking community, these FREE sessions offer insights, mindfulness techniques, and practical tips to elevate your overall well-being.

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As a non-profit service organization that supports job seekers, entrepreneurs, and artists, we know how important it is to prioritize our mental health. It’s a critical component of achieving personal and professional success.

We understand the challenges that come with pursuing your passion, which is why we want to remind you to take care of yourself during these times. Remember, self-care is not selfish; it’s necessary for our well-being.


No matter where you are on your employment or entrepreneurial journey, taking care of your mental health is important. To help you find the support you need, we have compiled a comprehensive list of English-language mental health resources across the province. Whether you need help with stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, there are resources available to support you. Don’t hesitate to prioritize your mental well-being and explore these resources today.


Crisis Hotlines


Info‑Social 811 is a free and confidential telephone consultation service.

The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anyone who lives in Québec can call Info‑Social 811 for themselves or for a family member or friend. A person who lives in Québec cannot call Info‑Social 811 if they are outside Québec.

Association Iris

24 Hour Crisis Line English/French 514-388-9233


LÉO is a psychological support line for people involved in Coops and NPOs in Quebec.

McGill Students’ Nightline

McGill Students’ Nightline is a confidential, anonymous, and non-judgmental listening service run by McGill students. 514-398-6246

Tel-Aide Montréal

Tel-Aide Montréal is the first call center in Quebec to offer a listening service for people suffering from mental health problems or simply needing to be listened to. For 50 years, Tel-Aide has received more than two million calls and listens to thousands of Montrealers every day through a toll-free, confidential, and anonymous listening service, in French and English. (514)935-1101


The Tel-jeunes intervention model is based on “reality therapy”. Tel-jeunes’ professional counsellors don’t give ready-made answers or provide instant solutions. 514 288-1444

Centre L’Autre Maison

24/7 Crisis intervention line. English/French. 514-768-7225

Suicide Action Montreal

24 Hour Crisis Line. English/French 514-723-4000 or 1-866-277-3553

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7, national support service, offering professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French. 1-800-668-6868


24/7 support Bilingual crisis centre. 514-483-3033


AMI-Quebec Action on Mental Illness is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy. 514-486-1448


Crime Victims Assistance Centres, or CAVACs, offer front-line services to any crime victim or witness. Help from CAVACs is available whether the perpetrator of the crime has been identified, apprehended, prosecuted or convicted. 1 866 532-2822


Faubourg Suicide Prevention Centre

The Faubourg Suicide Prevention Centre aims to prevent suicide and its impact in the Laurentians by providing access to quality services to suicidal individuals, to their loved ones, to those in mourning after a suicide, and to the trained professionals who work with them. 450 565-0490

Groupe JAD

Individual help: coaching, listening, prevention, support groups and on the spot activities. 819-774-1687 / 1-888-681-7717

La Halte des Proches

La Halte des Proches is the Association laurentienne des proches de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale, an association that helps family caregivers of people living with mental illnesses. 450 438-4291 / 1 800 663-0659

Support Services and Counselling



Arborescence offers information, workshops, tools and support to encourage the well-being of friends and family members of a person living with mental health issues. 514-524-7131

Assistance aux femmes

Support services and individual counselling for women who are living in a situation of domestic violence. English and Spanish. 514-270-8291

Amal Center for Women

Support services and individual counselling for women who have experienced domestic violence. English and Arabic. 514-855-0330

Ami Quebec

Support services and individual counselling for those with a relative or friend suffering from mental illness. 514-486-1448

Auberge Shalom

Support services and individual counselling for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. 514-731-0833

Auberge Transitions

Support services and individual counselling for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence. 24/7 514- 481-0495

Black Healing Centre (BHC)

Black Healing Centre’s (BHC) goal is to provide an accessible space for intergenerational, culturally relevant, and afro-positive mental health care. BHC’s core mission is to create an accessible and safer space for Black people to gather, connect and heal.

Black Mental Health Connections

Black Mental Health Connections Montreal (BMHC MTL) is an alliance of organizations and individuals focused on the mental health and well-being of the English-speaking Black community in Montreal.

Chabad Lifeline

Counselling and treatment for those suffering from addictions. 514-738-7700

Face a Face

Peer to peer support. 514-934-4546

Friends for Mental Health

Support services and individual counselling for families and friends with a loved one affected by a mental illness. 514-636-6885

The Lavender Collective

The Lavender Collective is a Black-led community effort, that advocates for culturally relevant mental health related needs in BIPOC communities through education, network and resource building.


Mental Health Services for immigrants & refugees. 514-737-3604

Native Montreal

Mental Health Services for Aboriginal Montrealers. 514-331-6587

Projet PAL

Projet PAL, a bilingual community organization founded in 1975, responds to these issues by offering diverse services using an alternative approach of empowerment and mutual aid. 514 767-4701

Project Suivi

Offers alternative community follow-up services to adults living with mental health challenges in order to help them improve their well-being. 514 366-0891

Le Rebond

Le rebond, an alternative mental health resource in la petite-patrie, is a community-based organization founded in 2014 with the goal of responding to the glaring lack of mental health services in the neighbourhood. 438 404-9909

Relief: The Path of Mental Health

Supporting people living with anxiety, depression, or bipolarity, and their loved ones, so they can keep moving forward. 1 866 REVIVRE (738-4873)


Individual Mental Health Services for those who have suffered or witnessed organized act(s) of violence. 514-282-0661

Shield of Athena

Crisis Intervention Services for women and children exposed to conjugal or family violence. Services are offered in 13 different languages. 514-274-8117


You are living with loneliness, anxiety, stress at work or difficult relationships? You are suffering from addictions, violence or losses in your life? Tel-Aide can help you by providing a listening ear. Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed.  514-684-6160

Vent Over Tea

The idea of Vent Over Tea is to provide a casual, confidential and non-judgmental outlet for members of the Montreal community who simply want to talk to someone outside their family or social circle.

West Island Crisis Centre

24/7 Crisis Intervention. 514-684-6160

Women’s Centre of Montréal

The Women’s Centre of Montreal is a non-profit organization created by women, for women. 514 842-4780

The Y Mind

The Y Mind program is an innovative, youth informed, early intervention program that helps teens and young adults manage stress and anxiety. Y Mind helps young people cope with anxiety and improve their sense of well-being by introducing them to evidence-based tools and connecting them with others.


CMHA provides advocacy and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive.

Jeffery Hale Community Partners is a community-based charitable organization whose mission is to better the health and wellness of the English-speaking community of the Greater Québec City (or Capitale-Nationale) region, including Portneuf and Charlevoix, with focus on those most at risk. 418-684-JEFF (5333), ext. 11835 / 1-888 984-5333 toll-free


CAMI (Council for anglophone Magdalen Islanders)

CAMI (Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders) has been working in the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands since 1987. A non-profit organization, CAMI is an organization of the community for the community, promoting the rights of Anglophone Magdalen Islanders. Health, education, language, culture and heritage are all part of CAMI’s mandate.

CASA (Committee for Anglophone Social Action)

CASA works with the volunteer-driven Mental Health Task Force to increase access to mental health services for English-speakers and to provide community-based wellness activities.

Vision Gaspé-Percé

Vision Gaspé-Percé is a non-profit community organization. The Youth Mental Health Initiative YMHI aims to increase the mental wellbeing of youth between the ages of 15 to 29 through mental health prevention, mental health promotion and mental health literacy.

Nord du Québec


Service available 24/7. Cree speakers and Elders are available upon request. 1-833-632-4357

Inuulitsivik Health Centre

The Inuulitsivik health and social services center provides and contributes to on-the-job mentoring of Inuit, to provide them access to various positions, both in the direct provision of services and in support services (administration, maintenance, technical, etc.)

Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre

The mission of the UTHC is to provide safe, accessible and quality health and social services to the seven Inuit communities of the Ungava Bay Coast, and rehabilitation services to the fourteen Inuit communities of Nunavik. Click the link for a variety of phone numbers to call in your area.



Our mission is to enhance the vitality of the underprivileged English-speaking and multicultural people of Laval by offering a wide variety of services that promote and improve mental and physical well-being.


The Centre for Access to Services in English (CASE) was incorporated in April 2017 as a not-for-profit community organization with a mission to support the English-speaking community of the Mauricie Centre-du-Quebec. 819-850-5560 / Toll free: 1-833-850-5560


The Aylmer Mental Health Clinic is dedicated to providing effective, empathic, confidential mental health services in English and French. We serve adults, adolescents, children and families.

The Connexions Resource Centre is a not-for-profit community organization whose mission is to serve and promote the health, well-being and vitality of the English-speaking population of the Outaouais. 819-557-0615


MCDC serves and promotes the interests and well-being of the English-speaking community of the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches and the sub-region of MRC de l’Érable by facilitating access to services in English and fostering partnerships with the community at large.



Formattitude  (Fondation) is a non-profit organization founded in 2005. Its mission is to raise funds to help people attend intervention sessions, workshop, and supportive aftercare offered by Dolly’s Centre Attitude.

Le Collectif des Laurentides en santé mentale

The mission of the Collectif des Laurentides en Santé Mentale is to promote, raise awareness and defend the needs and interests of people who live or have lived with a mental health problem. 450-229-8440


Our mission is to assist and empower people of all ages to access health and social services, information, resources, programs, and activities in English on the South Shore. (Candiac) 438-455-2747 / (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) 450-525-1176

Our Harbour

Our Harbour provides a caring, cost-effective long-term housing program on Montreal’s South Shore for people of diverse backgrounds living with mental illness. 450 671-9160

Support Groups


ANEB Quebec

Support group for those suffering from an eating disorder. 514 630-0907

Head and Hands

Mental Health Services for Youth 12 to 25 years of age. 514-481-0277

McGill Domestic Violence Clinic

They provide counseling on issues related to all forms of violence in intimate relationships and the effect such violence has on families and their social networks. 514-398-2686

Sexual Assault Resource Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS)

Support groups for survivors of sexual assault. 514-398-8500



Services: Social and vocational rehabilitation and Self-help and individual support. 450-490-4224


CALACS Agression Estrie

The CALACS offers many individual services for women victims of sexual assault. Note that none of these services are mandatory, if a women does not want them. She can choose what is better for herself every step of the way. 819-563-9999

Mental Health Estrie

Our support groups are offered in a confidential setting for families and friends or for individuals living with mental illness.



The mission of MITAS is to reduce the impact of sexual assault on minor victims by providing counselling and therapy services, and to provide therapy, prevention and education services for perpetrators of sexual offences against minors.


The Kanesatake Health Center Inc.

The Kanesatake Health Center Inc. Mental Health Program provides a wide range of spcialized culturally adapted and family centered approach programs and services tailored to the needs of community members.

Addictions Counselling


Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international movement of men and women who had a drinking problem. 514 350-3444

Chabad Lifeline

Lifeline is a non-sectarian agency dedicated to helping everyone affected by addiction. 514-738-7700

Cocaine Anonymous is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual drug addicts who turn to our Fellowship for help. 514-527-9999

Crystal Meth Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other, so they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from addiction to crystal meth.


EADA is aimed at adults (adult children) from dysfunctional or alcoholic families. 514 990-0901

Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (CRD Foster)

Individual treatment and intervention for addictions. 514-486-1304


Gam-Anon has created this website to provide information for the general public and professional community about problem (compulsive) gambling and its financial and emotional effects on the gamblers’ families and loved ones. 514-484-6666 / 1-866-484-6664


N.A. is a non-profit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem.

Point Final

The goal was to provide an alternative sentencing measure for repeat offenders of impaired driving. 514-564-6909


Offers residential treatment for youth and adults. 514-939-0202


Alcoholics Anonymous

They help people of all ages with an alcohol addiction problem.

Onen’tó:kon Healing Lodge (OHL)

Serving Indigenous men and women who are over the age of 18 with drug and/or alcohol addictions.

L’Écluse des Laurentides

For people who are socially disengaged from traditional resources and who may be experiencing problems of social exclusion, isolation, poverty, marginalization, drug addiction, dropping out of school, physical or mental health, psychological distress, or any other problem affecting their quality of life.



Vilavi provides services to adult men and women struggling with drug problems, alcohol and homeless or people at risk of homelessness or living in residential instability.



Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal

Shelter for Aboriginal women and their children. 514-933-4688

Auberge Shalom 

Auberge Shalom pour femmes (ASPF) is a non-profit organization for women in abusive relationships and their dependent children. Call Auberge Shalom’s 24-hour hotline for more information: 514 731-0833

L’Abri de l’espoir (Armée du Salut)

L’Abri d’espoir is open 24/7. Lodging includes meals, basic care, moral support, access to bilingual services and more. 514-934-5615

La rue des Femmes

At La rue des Femmes, we understand that healing the deep relational wounds, restoring the relational health, and rebuilding the lives of the homeless requires much more than just shelter: it requires socio-emotional, psychological and health care.514 284-9665

Maison Marguerite

The services it offers have multiplied to form a true continuum ranging from emergency housing to permanent housing with social housing support. 514 932-2250

La Dauphinelle

Its mission is to offer women psychosocial support to help them break the cycle of domestic abuse, rebuild their power and regain control over their lives. 514 598-7779

Welcome Hall Mission

Homeless Shelter. 514-523-5288

Old Brewery Mission

24/7 Homeless Shelter. Men’s hotline 514 798-2244. Women’s hotline 514 526-6446

Le Chaînon

We offer women secure shelter as well as help and support adapted to their needs. 514 845-0151

Chez Doris

Chez Doris is a charitable organization that offers a range of services and programs to meet the most basic and immediate needs of vulnerable women and homeless women. We are the only women’s shelter in Montréal offering 24/7 service. 514 937-2341 and dial “0”

Shield of Athena

The Shield of Athena is a non-profit organization for victims of family violence. We offer emergency shelter and professional services to women and their children.

Refuge des Jeunes

To support troubled and homeless young men aged 17 to 25, and to help improve their living conditions. 514.849.4221 ext 2.

Dans La Rue

The Bunker is an emergency shelter open every night that can accommodate up to 17 youth aged 12 to 21 years old. 514 526-7677


Centre d’Hébergement Multiservice de Mirabel

The CHMM’s housing service is offered on a short-term basis, for a period varying from 30 to 90 days, accompanied by psychosocial follow-up with qualified workers. 450-951-5551


Les Habitations l’Envolée est une initiative de l’Auberge du Cœur l’Envolée

Their mission is to offer affordable furnished supervised apartments for homeless young adults (18-30 years old) as well as 4 units for single-parent families in the Laval and North Shore area.



Room and board is available for a nominal fee of $8 per day (payment terms negotiable). 450-651-0125

For more information on shelters near you, please take a look at this comprehensive list.



AGIR Montreal

Individual and group support for LGBITQ migrants (asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, and those with undetermined status). Contact by email only.

Centre for Gender Advocacy

Peer support and advocacy. 514-848-2424 x7431


24/7 Confidential helpline. 514-866-0103

Project 10

Support for LGBITQ youths 14 to 25 and the wider community. 514-989-0001

Québec Trans Health Action / Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q)

Services available in English, Spanish, and French for trans people. 514-847-0067 x207

AIDS Community Care Montreal (ACCM)

ACCM is Quebec’s only HIV and sexual health community organization that provides education for prevention, treatment information, and support services to anglophone and allophone communities.


This mental health initiative was made possible with support from:CHSSN Mental Health