The Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) will provide you with a profile detailing your strengths and limitations, your communication style, the value you bring to business, what motivates you, and how you behave under pressure.

Different jobs demand different types of skillsets, yet all jobs require behavioral skills. These are important because they indicate to an employer how you work with others, how you manage difficult situations, and how you’ll fit into the organization or company’s vision and values. Understanding yourself and how you show up professionally is essential to being an engaged professional, gaining career progression, and finding meaning in your daily work interactions.

Do you want to identify areas for professional development? Improve communication? Explore your behavioral fit?
This is an insightful, in-depth, and objective tool that will help you increase your self-awareness and give you the vocabulary that is essential for career development and growth.

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$50.00 and by appointment only