By Maya Khamala

Candidate Experience

Have you ever taken a moment to respond to or rate your experience after purchasing a product or receiving a service? This kind of feedback is highly sought after because it provides valuable consumer information and highlights a company’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to tailor their service offerings and boost revenue. So it should come as no surprise that the “candidate experience”, a popular term used today that refers to the overall perception of a company’s recruiting, application, and hiring process, holds an important place in the recruiting world. A candidate’s employer perception and candidate experience greatly influences not only if they will apply to open positions, but whether or not they would accept a job offer from that company.

Unfortunately, recent data shows that 46% of candidates feel their time is not valued during the interview process, with two-thirds of candidates sharing their negative experience online and 40% of candidates with a bad hiring experience turning down the resulting job offer (Convey IQ).

Successful hiring is dependent on great candidate experiences. As you apply for jobs and interview with companies, consider creating a criteria checklist so that you can weigh the pros and cons and have an active role during the entire recruitment process!

Candidate Experience Criteria Checklist

Here are a few simple but key questions that your Candidate Experience Criteria Checklist could include:

  • Was the Job Description clear and accurate about the requirements, responsibilities, application instructions and deadlines?
  • Was the application process straightforward and not too long? Did you receive a confirmation receipt or status update on your application?
  • Was there a way for you to follow up on your application?
  • Was the interviewer prepared for and focused during the interview? Did they ask relevant and appropriate questions?
  • Did you learn important information about the position and company?
  • Was your first impression of the company a good one or did your intuition indicate any red flags? Can they be overlooked?
  • Post-interview, did you receive a follow-up via email, a phone call or in the form of a job offer or rejection?

While this is a small sampling of questions to reflect upon, it’s important to check in with yourself and determine if your overall candidate experience was one of value or left a lot to be desired. Lack of employee engagement and quick turnover rates are often traced back to a negative candidate experience. Your feedback is important, so consider leaving a review by completing a feedback survey or writing a review of your experience on a site like Glassdoor.

Recruitment is a two-way street, with today’s candidates more serious than ever about applying for positions that match their lifestyle and values. If you as a candidate demand the same level of consideration afforded to customers, chances are your candidate experience will be all the better for it!


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