azadeh irani Montreal, Canada
data analyst/business analysis Jul, 23
azadeh irani Montreal, Canada
data analyst/business analysis Jul, 23
Santiago Burga Montreal, Canada
May, 28
Elizabeth Boswony Montreal, Canada
Apr, 16
Josue Duarte Westmount, Canada
Administrative & Sales support expert Mar, 25
Ana Vasconcelos MONTREAL, Canada
Mar, 05
Roberto Papiri Montreal, Canada
Nov, 27
Tonny Siekei Canada, Canada
Enterprise development, Business Advisory, Non-profits support and technical business consultancies Sep, 14
Wessam Shomali Montreal, Canada
Technical Sales Engineer Aug, 14
Lita Bonnell Montreal, Canada
Experienced accountant looking to change careers Jun, 13
Michael Prendergast Montreal, Canada
Results-Driven Business Strategist with Expertise in International Marketing and Project Management Jun, 07
Shilpashree Hanumanthrayappa Montreal, Canada
Result-oriented professional with seven years of experience in the supply chain & logistics industry Jun, 03
Celestin Nzaramba Anywhere, Canada
Global business,marketing, community development, counselling May, 25
manuel taquia montreal, Canada
Business administration professional with over 6 years of experience in the banking industr Jan, 24
Vani Bisht Montréal, Canada
Business Solution Architect looking for projects in Knowledge Management, UX and Information Architecture Domain Nov, 09
Linda Cesaratto Montreal, Canada
Senior Marketing manager with marcom, branding and general business experience looking to re-enter the workforce. Aug, 03
Jhonny Perez Montreal, Canada
Territory Sales Manager Apr, 14
Araia Kidane Redae Brossard, Canada
Employment Facilitator Feb, 23
Anee Gauthier Montreal, Canada
Communication Manager Jun, 16
Charlie Joubert Montréal, Canada
Artist, Graphist Junior, workshop facilitator and customer representant Jun, 14