Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Specialist
  • montreal, Canada
  • August 25, 2023


I hold a Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a certification in planning, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. I have developed a career in the field of public health and data management. I have worked as part of the monitoring and evaluation team on different health and child protection projects.

The position I am applying to is quite relevant to my work experience. I have provided technical support to the monitoring and evaluation teams of different health, GBV, basic assistance, food security and livelihoods and child protection projects. I have done rigorous data collection, followed up on project activities and indicators, revised old and developed new monitoring tools, logic frameworks, data management plans, data entry forms and reports to share information with stakeholders. I have conducted field visits to project implementation sites, assessed the quality-of-service delivery, identified gaps in implementation, and performed one-on-one training sessions. I have trained project staff and enumerators on the use of monitoring tools, data entry, and reporting. I have also conducted periodic data quality assurance activities and analysis to meet the requirements set by international standards and project donors. As for evaluation, I have managed external evaluations with consultants and utilized the results to identify learnings, successes, and data-driven decision making.

Further, my professional master’s degree has equipped me with relevant research skills and knowledge. The master’s program focused on epidemiology, research methods, and study design. I am proficient in data analysis using Excel and R studio. I also received training under the scholarship on a COVID-19 project allowing me to build my capacity and contribute to the design and management of a research project. This included but was not limited to conducting literature reviews, developing evidence-based tools, developing data collection and analysis plans….

I have supported the accountability systems of the projects I worked on through several means. I have administered beneficiary satisfaction surveys for more than 3300 primary healthcare project beneficiaries through which I verified the delivery of entitled services, identified, and reported on cases of misconduct, as well as received and handled grievances. I have used the beneficiary satisfaction surveys to establish public engagement, collect feedback, provide information about the grievance redress channels, and encourage beneficiaries to voice their complaints. I have also established a grievance redress mechanism and protection from sexual abuse policy for a child protection project in reference to evidence-based literature. In addition, I conducted focus group discussions and interviews with project beneficiaries, employees, and stakeholders. I worked in close contact with vulnerable populations such as marginalized and poor Lebanese as well as Syrian and Palestinian Refugees.

In addition, I have extensive knowledge about data management, healthcare systems, primary healthcare services, mental health and factors influencing vulnerability of populations to health problems.

I believe that my motivation and pre-existing skills will allow me to fit into your work environment and immediately start supporting the needs of your organization. Please feel welcome to contact me via telephone or e-mail if additional information is required. Thank you for your consideration and time.


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