Nick Meireles started his business, Kleaniko in August 2021 to provide five-star hotel-quality residential and commercial cleaning services. On day one, it was himself and some cleaning supplies, trying to find affluent young clients in Griffintown. By the end of year one, he had a team of five and positive cash flow to expand services. By the end of year two he’s not only offering continuous service to Airbnb property owners and premium residential/commercial clientele across Montreal but also managed to grow the team to ten cleaners and one operations manager while he takes care of sales and quality assurance. Now, he’s working to promote “cleaning subscription plans”, becoming the first in Montreal to offer such a business model in this sector.

Nick is an example of a forward-looking hustler. A man and a groom that in two years has built a business to last!

YES: When did you start your entrepreneurial journey and what were some of your goals when you started?

Nick Meireles: My journey started when I met my coach Farshad Rouhani,  I had just decided to open my business because I was fired from the hospitality industry due to the pandemic and its implications. My main goal was to create something extraordinary and of high value, to my employees and to my clients. I strongly believe that a company should be built to grow and last in the most ethical way possible, therefore I chose to offer my employees a safe place for expression, creativity and development. This allowed me to lead a team other than being a boss guided by mere profitable gain.

YES: What stage are you at now? What have been your greatest achievements?

Nick Meireles: Now that I know my business model has been proven profitable, I find myself in the growth and establishment stage. My greatest achievement is the relationship I have with my team and my clients. They are the force of my business, the soul of everything I do.

YES: What were/are your biggest struggles?

Nick Meireles: My greatest challenge was to make my employees and clients understand the purpose and nature of my business. I believe in prosperity and overflow. I make my clients and my employees prosper by overflowing generosity on them, I collect the overflow instead of taking it from them. They also collect the overflow by pouring their resources into my business and the result is success.

YES: What was the problem you were experiencing before you came into YES?

Nick Meireles: Before coming to YES I faced the worst challenge of my adult professional life: “not knowing my true entrepreneurial self”. I was neither fully aware of my potential nor completely understood my abilities. My coach always pointed out qualities that for many years I believed to be flaws. I was always trying to bring different solutions, never satisfied, and constantly looking for ways to improve myself and my surroundings. These qualities can be bothersome for a toxic work environment therefore I faced criticism for the changes I wanted to make. YES opened my eyes to who I really was as a professional so I decided to embrace it.

YES: What did you find as a result of using our services?  What was the best thing about it?

Nick Meireles: YES made me feel safe when making either important or small decisions. Made me analyze from the beginning if my business would be profitable or not. The result is an empowering mindset that anyone venturing into opening a company should have and benefit greatly from it.

YES: How do you feel about the service you have received from YES?

Nick Meireles: The service I received has made an impact on my personal future and the future of my collaborators for sure. I would dare to say it was a cornerstone.

When dealing with investments and dreams we always want to make sure we measure twice and cut once. YES helped me measure many things before cutting them.

YES: Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share?

Nick Meireles: Be sure to become a part of YES so you can establish something solid from the beginning. It is an amazing tool for development. Since my first contact, I had only great experiences. From webinars to face-to-face coaching, career development, and more. Since I was referred to them by a friend, I am always referring people to them and they are all satisfied.

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