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🎯 Attention YES Clients: Apply for the Iris Unger Recognition Award!

If your artistic project or business has positively impacted your community, we want to hear from you! Fill out our online submission form for a chance to win this year’s award. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and gain recognition from peers and the community. Showcase your dedication and passion, and inspire others!

➡️ Calling All Creatives: Meet the Selection Committee for What the Pop! 2024!

The response to our call for submissions has been phenomenal! Our esteemed selection committee, featuring five distinguished leaders from the arts and business communities, is diligently reviewing over 150 entries from across Quebec. Stay tuned for the announcement of the chosen artists in early August and get to know the exceptional members of our selection committee in the meantime.

📢 Attention Job Seekers: Chart Your Path to Success with Expert Guidance

Begin your job search journey with confidence! In as little as ten hours, we’ll help you transform your approach, overcome challenges, and significantly improve your prospects. Embark on your path to success with our expert support!

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👋 Meet our July Client of the Month Adam Fainman, better known as Beatox!

He’s an artist, beatboxer, vocalist, and producer based in Toronto. With a rich background and innovative approach, Beatox continually pushes boundaries and inspires through his music and multimedia projects.

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