Job Searching as an Introvert

It’s never easy to put yourself out there during a job search, and if you’re an introvert, it can, at times, be a bit overwhelming. So, if you’re an introvert, what’s important to remember is that many introverts bring a variety of skills and competencies to many different positions, giving them a good competitive edge.

Here are few examples on job searching for introverts:

  • Introverts are more likely to choose their words wisely and selectively without going off on tangents.
  • They are excellent listeners and able to conduct solid needs’ assessments and synthesize information,
  • They have strong analytical and critical thinking skills which are important for complex problem solving And when job hunting, this is a true advantage.

As an introvert, you might feel a bit challenged when attending networking events and speaking with a variety of people, but here are some useful tips to help you stay on track and gain momentum during your job hunt.

Let your portfolio speak for you

Demonstrate your accomplishments by putting together a portfolio. This will not only serve as a handy showcase for potential employers, but can also remind you of the great work you’ve
done, in turn boosting your confidence.

Take advantage of social media

Use social media as a tool to let friends, former colleagues, or acquaintances know you’re job searching. Online opportunities may come more easily to introverts in the internet era since it can be easier to connect with people through emailing or messaging.

Prep yourself for interviews

A ton of people struggle with the interview process. Set the odds in your favour by anticipating and practising interview questions and answers. Rehearse talking about your education, skills and experience with a trusted friend or family member. If you really do want that job, express your enthusiasm in your follow-up thank-you note.

Balance being an introvert by taking time for yourself

Many introverts can feel exhausted if they have a series of interviews or networking events scheduled, so be sure you take the time you need between interviews and events to unwind and recharge.

Get a mentor in your corner

A mentor is a person with more experience in your field who is willing to provide guidance, advice, and share helpful information. Having a mentor can be a great way to learn more about your industry and the local labour market. It can also alleviate the stress of job searching knowing you have a specialist in your field that can answer your specific industry related questions.

Do your homework before applying

Research what an employer is like and what a job entails before you apply and include this in your cover letter — it can only strengthen your application! And once you land an interview, you’ll be equipped with the understanding of how your specific skill set can fulfill some of the employer’s needs.

While it’s true that job hunting as an introvert can be difficult, your tendency to think before speaking is sure to create a positive first impression with many employers. Additionally, following the above tips can better prepare you for your search and boost your confidence significantly, which in turn raises your chances of success!

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