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Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Unlock Your Business Potential with AI Insights – LIVESTREAM

February 29 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm EST

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🔓Eager to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence for your business?

Explore how AI can redefine your strategies and processes, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to shine. Join us in an enlightening and immersive discussion at our Entrepreneurship Speaker Series hosted at Google’s beautiful Montreal office space and livestreamed for your convenience!

🌐This event is your chance to virtually take part in a timely dialogue on the significance of AI for business owners through a panel discussion with today’s top industry leaders. Uncover emerging trends, innovative approaches, and key considerations in today’s fast-paced, quickly evolving ecosystem where staying ahead of the curve in adopting new technologies is critical for business success.

Our expert panel consists of industry specialists who have made remarkable contributions to the AI field. Drawing from their wealth of experience, they’ll serve as a guiding light in your startup journey. Now, let’s delve into the profound impact and varied applications of AI tools available today, discover how to leverage AI for your business potential, and transform uncertainty into excitement!

💡If you’re serious about enhancing your business, don’t miss the opportunity to be at the forefront of AI-driven innovation. Register now to secure your place and propel your business into the future!

*In-person tickets have SOLD OUT and are no longer available, so this is your chance to join the event virtually via livestream.


The ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs program is made possible thanks to generous funding from the Government of Canada, the support of our program partner, York University, and our community partner, the John Dobson Foundation. We’d like to thank Google for hosting this Entrepreneurship Speaker Series session, as well as the program and media partners and volunteers who have made this event possible.

*Please note: Pre-registration is required. Available as an online, live streaming webinar only.


🔓 Souhaitez-vous exploiter le potentiel de l’intelligence artificielle pour votre entreprise?

Découvrez comment l’IA peut redéfinir vos stratégies et vos processus et donner à votre entreprise l’avantage concurrentiel dont elle a besoin pour briller. Rejoignez-nous pour une discussion éclairante et immersive lors de notre série de conférences sur l’entrepreneuriat, organisée dans les magnifiques bureaux de Google à Montréal et diffusée en direct pour votre commodité!

🌐 Cet événement vous donne l’occasion de participer virtuellement à un dialogue opportun sur l’importance de l’IA pour les propriétaires d’entreprise, dans le cadre d’une discussion en groupe avec les principaux chefs de file de l’industrie d’aujourd’hui. Découvrez les tendances émergentes, les approches novatrices et les considérations clés dans l’écosystème actuel, qui évolue rapidement et où il est essentiel de rester à l’avant-garde en adoptant de nouvelles technologies pour assurer le succès de l’entreprise.

Notre panel d’experts est composé de spécialistes de l’industrie qui ont apporté une contribution remarquable au domaine de l’IA. En s’appuyant sur leur riche expérience, ils vous guideront dans votre parcours de création d’entreprise. Maintenant, plongeons dans l’impact profond et les applications variées des outils d’IA disponibles aujourd’hui, découvrons comment tirer parti de l’IA pour votre potentiel commercial, et transformons l’incertitude en excitation!

💡Si vous êtes sérieux au sujet de l’amélioration de votre entreprise, ne manquez pas l’occasion d’être à l’avant-garde de l’innovation axée sur l’IA. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour sécuriser votre place et propulser votre entreprise vers l’avenir !

*Les billets en personne sont ÉPUISÉS et ne sont plus disponibles, c’est donc votre chance de participer à l’événement virtuellement via une diffusion en direct.


Le programme ELLEvate pour femmes entrepreneuses est rendu possible grâce au généreux financement du gouvernement du Canada, au soutien de notre partenaire de programme, l’Université York, et de notre partenaire communautaire, la Fondation John Dobson. Nous tenons à remercier Google d’avoir accueilli cette session de la série de conférenciers en entrepreneuriat, ainsi que les partenaires du programme et des médias ainsi que les bénévoles qui ont rendu cet événement possible.

*Veuillez noter: Une pré-inscription est requise. Disponible uniquement sous forme de webinaire en ligne en direct.

Cet événement se déroulera en anglais.


About our Speakers

 Hanna Abdel Hamid (Moderator) – Regional Director and Head of Sigma Software Canada 

Hanna is an experienced Managing Director with a diverse set of skills and expertise in various aspects of business management. With a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Hanna has demonstrated a strong aptitude for negotiating, developing sales and business strategies, managing operations, and leading multidisciplinary teams. As the Head of Sigma Software Canada (https://sigma.software), she leads the operations of the company. Her excellent leadership skills have contributed significantly to the success of the company’s expansion in this market.

Hanna actively participates in various community initiatives and serves as a board member for a non-profit organization. She is highly engaged and enthusiastic about promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives as she mentors women and non-binary people in the early stages of their careers, helping them navigate their professional paths and achieve their goals. 

Hanna has been honored with the Strong Woman in IT 2023 recognition and is also a nominee for the Speaker of the Year Award from Women Tech Network. 


Lisa Di Jorio – VP Technology and Research at AlleyCorp Nord 

Lisa joined AlleyCorp Nord as VP of Technology and Research, and prior to this she served as the director of AI Research & AI Engineering at Imagia. She has built innovative teams from scratch, delivered multiple healthcare projects based on AI, and co-authored numerous scientific publications and patents. With over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of Artificial Intelligence techniques for industrial applications, Lisa has a strong technical background and a passion for innovation, creativity, and results.

She has a Ph.D. in Data Mining from the University of Montpellier where her thesis subject was gradual pattern extraction application to health data, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Data Mining, and a BA in engineering from Edinburgh Napier University.

Lisa is a curious and open-minded builder who excels in tackling projects from technical and strategic angles, and is a team-player who loves to share her expertise and takes pride in empowering people to succeed. 


Calypso Petit – Customer Engineer Data Analytics at Google Cloud 

Calypso is a Customer Engineer specialized in Data and Analytics for Google Cloud with more than 10 years of experience in IT. She began her career in France as a Customer Support Engineer and continued working in the industry after moving to Canada. Calypso excelled at solving technical challenges and developing innovative solutions in the Human Capital Management (HCM) field, catering to esteemed multinational companies on a global scale.  

Subsequently, she seized the opportunity to join the presales team, marking a significant pivot towards Cloud technologies in her career trajectory. Currently, she plays an instrumental role in helping companies across Quebec and Canada modernize their infrastructure and enhance data management through the strategic implementation of Cloud technologies. 


Doina Precup – CCAI Chair, FRSC, Google DeepMind’s Research Scientist 

Doina Precup splits her time between McGill University, where she holds a Canada-CIFAR AI chair, and Google DeepMind, where she has been leading the Montreal research team since its formation in October 2017.
She is also a core member of Mila (the Quebec AI institute) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, noted for her fundamental contributions to reinforcement learning.   

Dr. Precup obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in 2000. Her main research interests are in reinforcement learning, especially never-ending learning and making deep RL more efficient and real-world applications of machine learning, with an emphasis on medicine. Dr. Precup is also involved in activities aiming to improve diversity in machine learning. 

Brittany Witham – Founder of Geopolitica Technologies  

Brittany is the founder of Geopolitica Technologies, a startup developing AI to predict geopolitical risks. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Brittany earned a Master’s degree in European and Russian Affairs at the University of Toronto and soon after relocated to Montréal, becoming immersed in the city’s artificial intelligence space. After leading research & development for AI companies in the business intelligence and video games sectors, she founded Geopolitica Technologies in 2021.  

Geopolitica’s algorithms predict how volatile a given region will be over a 14-day window, and were successfully deployed to predict the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 with three days’ notice. This led her to the crisis response space, where she partners with the GivingTuesday Data Commons to develop core technical infrastructure and lead the research for their Generosity & Crisis Working Group, which uses data science to explore how generosity behaviours can improve outcomes in countries facing crisis events.


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