NEW! Interview Theory and Prep

If the thought of a job interview stresses you out and you think your interview skills could use some polishing - you’re not alone! Whether it’s been a while since you’ve had an interview or you just need a refresher on how to prepare for one, consider this your total interview preparation guide! Discover how […]


Jump Start Your Art + Financing Options

Are you an artist seeking to make a living from your creativity and talent, but don’t know how? Whether you’re just starting out or trying to expand an existing venture, we’ll outline the services and resources available to artists at YES and from other arts organizations in the community, and touches upon key things to […]


NEW! Interview Practice: Online and In-Person Success

As you have probably heard, practice does make perfect! This is especially true of the interview process. Taking the time to practice your interview etiquette, to hear yourself answer challenging questions and play out different interview scenarios will help you build the confidence you need to walk into any interview environment with poise and assuredness. […]

NEW! How to Create a Killer Viral Video Concept for Your Brand Two-Part Workshop

Part 1: Tuesday, October 26 | 12:00pm-1:30pm Part 2: Wednesday, October 27 | 12:00pm-1:30pm What does it take to create a viral video concept for your brand that a new army of brand ambassadors will promote for you? With this 2-part workshop, you will receive a toolkit of workbooks that will guide you through the brainstorming […]


Jump Start Your Job Search Express

Wondering what to expect when it comes to your job search during COVID-19? Looking for a job during these particularly challenging times is uniquely different, but what is certain is that we’re here to support you. Find out how to connect with us online and how to get access to free career counseling and career […]

Tune In To YES Fundraising Event

Bord'Elle Boutique Bar & Eatery 390 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montreal, Quebec

THE 20's ARE BACK AND SO IS TUNE IN TO YES After a year away, Tune In To YES returns for its 15th year with an in-person 1920s experience on Tuesday October 26th, 2021 at 7pm! Dress up and immerse yourselves in a fun, lively event. As you step through the doors of Bord'Elle Eatery and Bar, you will […]


NEW! Sales & Marketing Clinic for Artists

FREE* Wednesdays: September 29, October 13, 27, November 10, 24 & December 8 Please Note: By appointment only Need to improve your sales & marketing strategies for your artistic/ creative business? Make an appointment with a Business Coach to receive one-on-one guidance to draft concrete action plans, learn to assess your risks, and maximize the […]


Jump Start Your Business

If you are going to take the leap and start your own business, there are several things you need to consider ahead of time. As an entrepreneur, you do not want to miss this orientation session which will walk you through the steps you need to take and the different types of financing options that […]


NEW! Bouncing Back Better: Staying Motivated Long-Term

Motivation is a process that allows us to initiate and maintain behaviours that help us work towards a goal. It can be as simple as being thirsty and grabbing a glass of water to quench your thirst or something more complex like working continuously to gain a university degree or pursuing a dream job over […]


NEW! Understanding HR and Recruitment

Job seekers spend countless hours completing online applications, writing cover letters, and tweaking their CVs when hunting for their next great job. But job seekers rarely put themselves in the recruiter’s mindset. This can be especially challenging when competition amongst candidates is soaring, industries have been totally disrupted, and employers’ capacity and needs have once […]

NEW! Intro to HTML

Learn HTML, understand how it can help you, and what role it plays. HTML is beneficial for anyone optimizing, creating, developing or designing a website. It is also a fundamental foundation to learning SEO, Analytics and technical aspects of digital marketing - which means Lead Generation, Lead Capturing, and Lead Nurturing. In this workshop, you […]


NEW! Creating and Refining a Stand-Out CV

Having a strong CV will increase your chances of landing an interview, but writing a CV can be daunting! What’s the secret? In this workshop, we’ll show you what employers and recruiters are looking for and how to make them notice you. Different industries accept different CVs, so even your documents deserve individualized attention. Together […]