Youth On The Rise: Workshops


  • How to build a successful CV
  • Learn and practice interview skills
  • How to Create a LinkedIn Profile and use it to advance your career
  • Building relationships with people and tapping into the hidden job market
  • Email Etiquette for Professionalism and Effective Communication
  • Writing a Cover Letter that Highlights Your Suitability for a Position



  • How to Tailor Your Job Search Strategy with the Labour Market Trends
  • What Makes a Company and How to Research One
  • The Empowerment of Entry Level Jobs



  • Techniques on How to Manage Your Stress
  • Setting Smart Goals and Smarter Action Plans
  • How to Manage Your Time Effectively
  • How to Navigate the Stormy Seas of Conflict in a Work Environment
  • How Effective Communication Can Help You at Work
  • How to Apply Team Work Skills in Your Personal and Professional Lives
  • Understanding Group Dynamics and the Five Stages of Group Development
  • How to use Negotiation and Persuasion to Your Advantage
  • How to Care for Yourself while Managing the Challenges and Priorities of Your Life
  • How to Foster and Maintain Healthy Relationships
  • What is Active Listening and Why it Matters
  • Know Your Rights: Legal Workshop



  • Redefining success for Your Needs
  • Career Week: Experienced Professionals Share Their Career Path and How They Got to Where They Are Today
  • Side Hustles: Creativity as a Form of Resilience
  • Financial Literacy: Learn and Make Use of a Variety of Financial Skills Including Way to Save, Spending Plans, Borrowing Money and Banking Basics
  • How to Invest Your Money for a Future of Financial Freedom
  • How to Build Resiliency to Withstand the Challenging Parts of Life
  • Exploring Educational Opportunities



  • What to Expect in Your First Week of Work
  • Introducing Microsoft Office: Word and Excel
  • How to Use Your Skills, Background, and Interests to Build the Career That’s Right for You
  • Digital Literacy: How to Use Technology Effectively and Reflect on Your Presence Online (Social Media)
  • French Revision: Getting Ready for a French Work Environment