Youth On The Rise: Workshops


How to build a successful CV

Learn and practice interview skills

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile and use it to advance your career

Building relationships with people and tapping into the hidden job market

Email Etiquette for Professionalism and Effective Communication.

Writing a Cover Letter that Highlights Your Suitability for a Position.



How to Tailor Your Job Search Strategy with the Labour Market Trends.

What Makes a Company and How to Research One.

The Empowerment of Entry Level Jobs



Techniques on How to Manage Your Stress.

Setting Smart Goals and Smarter Action Plans.

How to Manage Your Time Effectively

How to Navigate the Stormy Seas of Conflict in a Work Environment.

How Effective Communication Can Help You at Work

How to Apply Team Work Skills in Your Personal and Professional Lives.

Understanding Group Dynamics and the Five Stages of Group Development.

How to use Negotiation and Persuasion to Your Advantage

How to Care for Yourself while Managing the Challenges and Priorities of Your Life.

How to Foster and Maintain Healthy Relationships

What is Active Listening and Why it Matters

Know Your Rights: Legal Workshop



Redefining success for Your Needs

Career Week: Experienced Professionals Share Their Career Path and How They Got to Where They Are Today.

Side Hustles: Creativity as a Form of Resilience

Financial Literacy: Learn and Make Use of a Variety of Financial Skills Including Way to Save, Spending Plans, Borrowing Money and Banking Basics

How to Invest Your Money for a Future of Financial Freedom

How to Build Resiliency to Withstand the Challenging Parts of Life

Exploring Educational Opportunities



What to Expect in Your First Week of Work

Introducing Microsoft Office: Word and Excel.

How to Use Your Skills, Background, and Interests to Build the Career That’s Right for You

Digital Literacy: How to Use Technology Effectively and Reflect on Your Presence Online (Social Media)

French Revision: Getting Ready for a French Work Environment.