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Brimming with Practical, Down-to-Earth Information for Self-Employed Artists in Québec

Featuring first-hand advice, best practices, strategies and insider tips from more than 50 working Quebec artists and industry professionals, Business Skills for Creative Souls: The Essential Artist’s Handbook is packed with practical, no-nonsense content from cover to cover. Touching on art/business essentials like marketing, grant-writing, fund-raising, social media, legal, accounting and others, The Essential Artist’s Handbook also boasts an extensive resource listing of arts service, support and funding agencies. Whether you’re a fashion designer, film-maker, musician, new media or visual artist, performer, photographer or writer, this book can help YOU grow.

Developed by YES Employment + Entrepreneurship, the handbook is based on interviews with over 50 local artists and industry professionals who have built success and know what it takes to make it in the arts. It includes professional tips, strategies and resources for artists of every discipline and covers a variety of topics from how to apply for grants and marketing your art work to accounting and legal considerations. The final section of this handbook includes a resource listing of over 75 local and national associations, granting agencies and other artist organizations.


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Additional Resources

YES is here to help you turn your artistic passion into viable income, whatever your age and wherever you live in Quebec. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to expand an existing venture, our dedicated artist coaches can help you forge your path to success. Training at YES is accessible and affordable. Find out more here.

What other artists are saying …

“More than a mere book, consider this tome a chastity belt for your psyche; use it properly and you won’t get screwed.”

Andy Nulman (Just for Laughs)

“An immensely helpful practical book for a business beginner who needs real step by step info.”

Hilary Radley (Principal Designer, Hilary Radley Collection)

“If you identify your goals and are true to your destination, this book is the tool to achieve them.”

Josée Nadeau (Internationally renowned painter)