Web Sites for Film, Television, Radio and the Live Performing Arts

Banff Centre

The Banff Centre has a site with information and programs for people interested in the film, television, radio and the live performing arts.

Telefilm Canada

Directory for the Canadian Film, Television and Video Industry – lists the names and contact information for more than 4,000 professional organizations.

Montreal Film Group

A thriving network of more than 1000 members of the Montreal film and TV industry. The MFG brings together everyone from producers to directors, actors to editors, animators to make-up artists and many others. The group holds events, workshops and parties throughout the city and its goal is to bring people together and grow the Montreal film and TV industry in exciting new ways. Free to join.

Main Film

Main Film’s mandate is to facilitate, stimulate and promote independent filmmaking through bringing together the talents, resources and equipment for the realization of independent film (Independent means the artist holds complete creative control over their project from conception to completion), and by providing an environment for the exchange of ideas and experiences. In addition to providing filmmakers with production equipment and post-production facilities, Main Film is dedicated to promoting and disseminating independent films through a variety of activities including training workshops and a Production Support Programme.

Websites for Arts & Culture

Canada Council

Information on programs and projects related to arts and culture.

National Library of Canada

Provides information on heritage institutions.

Canadian Websites and E-zines About New Media

Canadian Heritage

Search for Canadian institutions, organizations, events, production funds, networks and associations involved in new media.

New Media and Entertainment Directorate

A government Web site with information about new media and subjects such as copyright, commerce on the Internet and international business development.

Web Sites for Musicians

The Muse’s Muse

A list and links to songwriting organizations in Canada and the United States.

Electronic Musician

Electronic Musician is dedicated to informing musicians about developments in electronic music and personal-studio recording.

Synth Zone

Synth Zone is an attempt to ease the search for synth resources on the Internet.

Web Sites for Artists


The Search Engine for New Jobs in Canada

Canadian Heritage Information Network

Links to database that include museum collections from across Canada.

World Wide Web Virtual library

Links to museums and exhibitions worldwide.

World Wide Arts Resources

Links to exhibitions, museums and artists around the world.

American Craft

The Buyers Market of American Craft is a wholesale trade show that provides artists the opportunity to build business relationships with craft buyers from all across the country.

Montreal Artists Legal Clinic

Have a legal question about your practice as an artist or arts organization? CJAM provides free, one-to-one legal information services face-to-face or by phone.

YouTube for Artists

Here you’ll find resources, tools, and news dedicated to artists and musicians reaching and engaging their fans on YouTube.

International Web sites and E-zines About New Media

Forrester Research Inc.

A Web site for a company that does surveys and studies of new media and its users.

Internet news.com

An E-zine with information about business, commerce and products on Internets and Intranets.

MIT Media Laboratory

Reports on research into technologies such as digital television, holographic imaging, computer music, computer vision, electronic publishing, artificial intelligence, human/machine interface design and education-related technologies.

Netcheck Commerce Bureau

An organization that promotes ethical business practices worldwide and aims to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet.

Organizations for Creators