YES Employment + Entrepreneurship envisions a world where individuals have equitable access to opportunities for success in the Science, Techonology, Engineering and Math (STEM) industries. To this end, we are working with companies and clients to develop strategies that promote inclusiveness and diversity.

As part of our on-going commitment to increase women’s retention of, and access to, leadership positions in STEM industries, we began developing a mentorship model for women in STEM in 2015. The model was designed around a research study which revealed the critical importance of mentorship in the retention of women in the STEM industry. A copy of the report and its finding can be found here.

Building on the report’s findings, we created and launched ‘ADVANCE’, a free online platform for companies that provides a virtual space for mentors and mentees to easily connect, discuss challenges, identify solutions, create roadmaps, track deliverables and track progress of action plans.

A hard copy version is also available for download (documents include the value of mentorship, best practices, case studies, and mentor-mentee perimeters of engagement). This toolkit is available for all men and women, mentors and mentees in the STEM industry and beyond who see the value of mentorship. It is a thoughtful guidebook to career advancement and personal growth and can be used in conjunction with the online tool or on its own.

Download your copy of the full toolkit below.

ADVANCE Organization Guide.pdf
ADVANCE Mentor Guide.pdf
ADVANCE Mentee Guide.pdf
Mentoring Agreement.pdf
Code of Ethics.pdf

If you are interested in implementing this initiative in your company, we invite you to download the ADVANCE toolkit in PDF form above or contact Yoana Turnin at [email protected] for access to the online tool.

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