Mischa Shadloo Montreal, Canada
Mischa Shadloo: Oct, 15
Jiaojiao Wang Montreal, Canada
looking for Machine Learning Developer related role in Montreal Oct, 15
Bivin Savio Sathiaraj Montreal, Canada
Experienced Software QA tester with 3 years of experience Oct, 14
John Graham Montreal, Canada
A hard-working and diligent professional seeking employment in a range of industries Oct, 11
Abigail Michel Verdun, Canada
Advocate for the well-being and rights of children. I am concerned about the well being of society. Oct, 10
Volatiana Ratsirimpady Montreal, Canada
Implementation Specialist with 3.5 years of experiences in various domains Oct, 08
DEEPTI CHOPRA Quebec, Canada
Business Analyst Oct, 08
Rosalba David Sulvaran Montreal, Canada
Open to Work / Bachelor’s Degree International Business Oct, 07
Nadine Leblanc Montreal, Canada
Pattern, Print Textile designer Oct, 07
Kathryne Cotroneo Montreal, Canada
Lifelong Learner looking to take on a new challenge! Oct, 07
Michael Dennis Montreal, Canada
ESL Teacher Oct, 05
Amanda Robertson Montreal, Canada
New Grad looking for a full-time position Oct, 03
Keren Roberts Montreal, Canada
Montreal-based job seeker looking for challenging and engaging work Oct, 01
Maria Alnakidis MONTREAL, Canada
Candidate with experience in community work Oct, 01
Derick Darby Dorval, Canada
Product Photographer Sep, 30
Noah Josephson montreal, Canada
Self-starter ready to work Sep, 29
Alex Nawotka Montreal, Canada
UX Designer/Researcher and Content Manager for Social Change Sep, 29
Design Engineer Sep, 28
Carly Krane Montreal, Canada
McGill Marketing student graduating in December 2020 seeking full-time employment Sep, 28
Nigel Rockett Montreal, Canada
Looking to grow and connect Communities Sep, 25