PhilanthroPitch Executive Showcase

Image featuring text promoting the HR Leaders Edition of the PhilanthroPitch Executive Showcase event, scheduled for the week of May 27-31. The text encourages HR solution providers to secure a 20-minute time slot to showcase their products or services to influential HR leaders.

Welcome to the PhilanthroPitch Executive Showcase!

We’re thrilled to unveil our first-ever business pitching fundraiser. This is an exclusive opportunity that holds immense potential for those involved in HR solutions, while also making a meaningful contribution to YES’ success.

Ready to connect with industry leaders and showcase your services? Join the PhilanthroPitch Executive Showcase, your exclusive opportunity to present directly to influential decision-makers. Craft your pitch to address their needs and position your business as their solution. Plus, by participating, you’re not only advancing your goals but also supporting YES Employment + Entrepreneurship, bolstering opportunities for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and artists in our community.

HR Leaders Edition

Join us from May 27-31 for our HR Leaders Edition. This edition is tailored for HR solution providers seeking to connect with influential HR decision-makers. Secure your spots now to expand your network, showcase your offerings, and explore partnership opportunities.

HR Suppliers Opportunity

Are you ready to take your HR solutions to the next level! Secure multiple 20-minute slots at the PhilanthroPitch Executive Showcase to connect with influential HR leaders. Whether your specialization lies in payroll, performance management, employee experience & recognition, HRIS, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), leadership development, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), LMS (Learning Management Systems), teambuilding, wellness, or if you have an open pitch, this event provides an exclusive platform to showcase your services and cultivate invaluable connections with influential decision-makers from Quebec-based companies.

Take Action

Elevate your business in just 20 minutes! Registration is simple:

  • Early Access ($1,250): Secure your spot before April 30th for the first choice of companies and time slots.
  • Standard Access ($1,000): Registration opens May 1st.

Secure your spot(s) now and connect with HR decision-makers who can transform your business!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Click PhilanthroPitch now to secure your spot.

Each participation entitles you to a private 20-minute virtual meeting over Zoom with an HR decision-maker of your choice. Meetings are assigned on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis, so register quickly to ensure you connect with your desired companies!

We’re sincerely grateful for your support and participation. Here’s to booking multiple spots, successful pitches, and achieving your business goals!