Career Decision-Making and Self-Assessment

Online / Remote

In this webinar, you will participate in self-assessment exercises to determine your professional values, interests, personality traits, skills, needs and wants. You will then be guided on how to use decision trees, informational interviews, and pros and cons lists to make decisions that will contribute to your career identity.

NEW! 5 Ways to Mastery Women Empowerment Series: Negotiation – Women Strengthening Their Voices

Online / Remote

Does the thought of negotiation overwhelm you? Do you want to feel more confident, grounded in your professional & personal relationships? Join us for Part 4 of the 5 Ways to Mastery Women Empowerment Series where we will be talking about how to cultivate and improve your negotiation skills! In this session, we will unpack the importance of why women need to know their worth, learn how to become more comfortable with being assertive and clearly define their goals so that they are able to effectively negotiate and achieve greater success.