Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Closing Sales Faster through a Structured Sales Process

Sales can be a challenging and daunting process, especially for aspiring or budding entrepreneurs. However, by approaching sales in a structured manner, you can quickly become more comfortable and confident when articulating your business’ value to potential clients.

Watch this video for tips on how to find leads and prospects and close sales faster. Click here for a Quick Tip Tutorial with more information including resources and weblinks.

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Establishing a Business in Quebec​

As an entrepreneur, you will need to obtain multiple permits, licenses, or certificates to ensure that your business is fully compliant with municipal, provincial, and federal regulations. But where should you start?

Watch this video highlighting some of the most common permits and licenses, so you can get a head-start on the process and avoid penalties. Click here for a Quick Tip Tutorial with more information including resources and weblinks.

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Accounting

Watch these videos featuring Gavin Correa, CPA, CA, CFP™, Managing Partner at LCA, who explores the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating your business and the factors you need to consider along with helpful tips and best practices, so you can get a head-start on your tax filing this season!

Check out our Quick Tip Tutorials featuring the benefits to incorporating your business, business expenses and government filing requirements. Click on the images below to watch our Quick Tip Videos!

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Marketing

Successful entrepreneurs know how to turn a good business idea into a profitable business opportunity – and it all begins with solid market research.

These free quick tip tutorials will guide you through some of the key marketing aspects of starting and running a business, including market research, setting up a website, and social media management.

​Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Business Coaching

As an entrepreneur you’ll be faced with making hundreds of small and big decisions every day that could have an impact on the success of your business. But don’t get stressed- you don’t have to do it alone! Click on the banner below to find out what the benefits of business coaching are, and then get in touch with us to make your first appointment.

Quick Tips for Entrepreneurs: Human Resources

So, you’ve launched your business successfully and are ready to expand. But how do you go about hiring your first employee?

Check out our free Quick Tips Tutorials that will give you the groundwork for best hiring practices, what to consider when preparing an employee contract and setting up an employee file.

Click on each of the images below to watch our Quick Tips Videos!

Have questions? Our business coaches can work with you on these and other useful sales techniques that have the potential to increase your revenues.

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