Three years ago, Nicholas Wolfe graduated from McGill University with a degree in Computer Science and Physics, and while he had no trouble finding employment in restaurants (an industry that he’s worked in for years), there was a notable difficulty transitioning into software development. With little knowledge on how to get hired in the field and with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicholas had the drive to change careers but wasn’t having any luck in his search.  Last year, after learning about YES through a friend, Nicholas began his journey with us. 

“I wasn’t even getting interviews,” Nicholas says. “And almost immediately after I started meeting with my YES Employment coach, I was filled with hope.”   

“My coach has got to be one of the most caring people I’ve ever met, prioritizing my career and personal goals instead of seeing me as a simple statistic.”  

After learning how to highlight his soft skills, modify and update his resume, he attended several online webinars and was invited to join the YES Focus Group, where he was able to meet and engage with other job seekers who were in similar situations.   

“With such a solid knowledge-base, and a holistic, goal-oriented approach, I saw my job search become dramatically more fruitful within weeks,” he continues. “In addition, I met with not one, but two amazing mentors from the YES Human Library, both of which helped me immensely, with industry-specific tips, kind words and other helpful directions. One even sent me the job listing that I ultimately accepted.”  

Four short months after starting with YES, Nichoas accepted a position as a Software Developer at a well-known company, finding himself exactly on the career path he set out for when he first started.  

“Thanks YES!”