Thank You for Attending the 2023 Edition of What The Pop!

Thank you for attending What the Pop! 

In case you missed it, What The Pop! was a Summer art pop-up exhibition series that had live music, performance art, one-of-a-kind paintings, drawings, and prints; photography; mixed and digital media; fashion, jewelry, crafts, and more!

This summer, throughout August and September in boroughs covering the island of Montreal and beyond, we brought together over 50 talented, emerging artists from across Quebec to help them gain exposure and sell their art!

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported these 50 emerging Quebec artists and musicians by attending any of these events! Your patronage of local art not only enriches our province’s already vibrant art scene but also supports the artists’ livelihoods, enabling them to continue following their passion and sharing their remarkable work with the community.

Here’s to another year of memorable gatherings celebrating the outstanding talent within our communities and exciting opportunities to contribute to Quebec’s thriving arts ecosystem!

Meet the incredible artists that participated in this year’s events!

You can continue to show your support for these incredible artists by visiting their websites >>>

Andrina Learmonth
Anja Jamrozik
Annagram Studios
Anne Fromont
Arianna Garcia
Artha Simon
Catherine Slilaty
Cecilia Mejia Design
Christopher Plenzich
Corentin Hunter Illustrateur
Ebénisterie les Esquisses
Emmanuel Ayo
Happy Tears
Julii McMillan
Karolina Britto Art – Lettering Studio
Kellie Huynh
Les Vetements SLOE/Sloe Design Studio
Lively Lines Art
Mara Poppin
Mathew Shawn Turner
Mirror Error Wares
Nesreen Galal
Paul Edward Jewellery
Platinuum Mayo
Sarah Vanderzon
Sascha Astles
Savanna Busia
The Radio Droids
The Yarn Art Guy
Véronique Leduc
Victor Boyer
Wambra Ceramics
Zeina Jhaish


Meet the Selection Committee for the 2023 edition of What the Pop! 

The submissions were outstanding this year and the selection committee – a jury of 5 local leaders in the arts and business community – had the difficult challenge of selecting over 50 emerging artists from artists all over the province of Quebec to participate in the exhibitions.

Meet the members of the selection committee: 


Marta Barnes
Author & Illustrator, Studio Barn Owl

Marta Barnes of Studio Barn Owl is a Montreal author & illustrator. A graduate of Concordia’s Honours in English & Creating Writing program, she has independently published two books and one zine, the most recent being a series of interconnected microfictions about misunderstood monsters called The Found Book of Losst. Combining her degree in literature and creative writing with lifelong artistic pursuits, she weaves visual storytelling techniques into a patchwork aesthetic inspired by her travels. Her work celebrates the curiosities of our world through colourful naturalist watercolour and gouache paintings and independent publications. 

Austin Henderson
Arts Programming and Communications Manager at Museum of Jewish Montreal

Austin Henderson is a cultural worker, writer, and artist based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal. He currently serves as the Arts Programming and Communications Manager at the Museum of Jewish Montreal. Austin‘s work is attentive to how popular visual culture is intertwined with queer identity, nostalgia, memory, and community-building. He has shown his work in Canada and the United States and has participated in residencies with Momus and the New York Academy of Art. His writing has appeared in various publications, including Esse arts + opinions and Visual Arts NewsAustin holds an MA in Art History from Concordia University and a BFA in Visual Art from Queen’s University.

Brooke Rutner
Curator, Photographer, Communication Strategist

Brooke Rutner is a freelance curator and photographer. She is the founder and current director of a nonprofit art gallery, Gallery Parfois. Parfois’ mission is to redefine the notion of an art gallery. Through its nonprofit structure, it aims to create an inclusive space for art-making and art engagement for everyone.  
It holds various community-building activities such as art exhibitions, workshops, and weekly life drawing sessions. 


Iso Setel
Filmmaker, Interdisciplinary Artist

Iso Setel is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist based in Tiotià:ke/Montreal since 2017. Utilizing moving images, text, and textiles, their work addresses questions of visibility, sense, and memory in documentary film. Their current research focuses on ritual technologies and eruvin as an installation of Jewish life and queer orientations in urban space. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Iso received a BA in Political Studies and Electronic Media Arts from Simon’s Rock in 2017, and an MFA in Film Production from Concordia University in 2021. 


Alyssa Stokvis-Hauer
Artistic Director & Curator at Museum of Jewish Montreal

Alyssa Stokvis-Hauer (she/her) is a curator, researcher, and museum programmer, working at the intersection of contemporary art, cultural heritage, and history. In her current role as Artistic Director of the Museum of Jewish Montreal, she has worked with and mentored a wide variety of local and international artists, researchers, and emerging creatives across varied disciplines to bring their projects to the public. In her work and practice, she seeks to emphasize storytelling, research-creation, interdisciplinarity, and inclusive community building. Alyssa holds an Hons. B.A. in Art History and Political Science from the University in Toronto and an M.A. in Art History from Concordia University.  


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