Hire an Intern

Bring fresh talent on board and benefit from a wage subsidy!

For New Graduates
Our Internship Program helps recent graduates gain valuable work experience in their field of study. Through internships, English speaking Quebecers find it easier to integrate into the job market, developing core skills in their field through on-the-job-training.

For Employers
As an employer, you will not only benefit from a 60% wage reimbursement for your new intern, you’ll also benefit from the new ideas and enthusiasm that recent graduates bring to the table. You may even find that the intern you hired becomes a key member of your team!

“After participating in the YES internship program for the first time, I was impressed by what the program has to offer many businesses as well as to interns.

It’s a great tool for hiring new staff. YES provides many useful programs to facilitate employee integration and to improve workplace skills, but it also gives the employer some time to properly train the employee knowing their company will be compensated for a portion of the salary. It certainly encourages businesses and organizations to hire young and less experienced staff to gain experience so they may grow within an employment opportunity…”

Tara Veteranyi
Terramont Real Estate Services Inc.

“…With the salary subsidy made possible through HRSDC, we were able to hire a university graduate that was a bright, articulate young person

who proved herself to be an excellent team player, full of ideas and with excellent problem-solving skills, a good general knowledge base, and sound reasoning ability were all part of the package deal. And added to that was the youthful enthusiasm and bright-eyed curiosity which delighted all our members and reminded us all of what it was like to be young… We feel the experience was a win-win situation.”

Mary Stark

“The YES internship program provided me with a fantastic opportunity right out of school.

I was able to begin working in my chosen field, and had the benefit of meeting other interns who were going through similar experiences and were in similar phases in their lives. I learned many skills both in the workplace, and in the workshops, which ultimately led me to a full time position! It was such a positive experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has just finished school and is taking their first step into the professional world!”

Lindsay Petts

“The opportunity that YES gave me by being able to intern at Contactivity has been invaluable.

I have learned so much being here and have come to have a better understanding of what it is that I want to do in life… This has been an amazing learning experience for me both professionally and personally, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Erica Booth

“…The internship workshops were extremely well organized and helpful for many reasons.

For one, it was nice to see that some of my peers were at the same point in their career as I was. Since we were all starting an internship it was extremely helpful to have us all together to brainstorm ideas…”

Matthew Hart

FAQs for Employers

What is the incentive for employers who are considering hiring an intern?

YES will reimburse the employer 60% of the hourly wages paid, to a maximum of $9.00 per hour worked

How much of the intern’s salary will need to be covered by the employer?

The remaining 40% of the interns’ wages will need to be covered by the employer, as well as 100% of eligible benefits.

How many hours per week do interns typically work?

All internships are full-time positions of 35-40 hours per week. This will be negotiated at the time of contract signing

What should an internship consist of?

All internships must add to the value of your organization and be career related. All internships must be related to the intern’s field of study and contribute directly to their professional development.

Can this program be used to hire current or previous employees of the organization?

Interns in this program must not have already have worked at the organization or be currently employed at the organization.

Can any employer hire an intern?

Employers from any industry may apply to hire an intern through the program. Employers may be required to pass a credit check prior to intern placement.

Employer Application Process

Potential employers must complete an application form and provide additional documentation in order to establish eligibility. Selection will be based on several criteria including the needs of both employers and interns. Once an appropriate match is made potential employers and interns will be notified.

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