Our Clients Say it Best ...

YES Job Search Clients

"YES has really been a great support network for me when I was struggling with motivation and trying to get my career off the ground. I'm so grateful for the caring staff and the amazing programs they offer."

- Sterling Tipton, YES Job Search Client 2015


YES Entrepreneurship Clients

“The business coaching services at YES have been so instrumental in helping to make my business the success that it is. There are unlimited benefits I have received from my weekly and bi-weekly business coaching sessions with Elizabeth Araujo from working on my online marketing strategy to my business development. I love having the opportunity to check in with my business coach and bounce my ideas back and forth with her in order to find the best business strategies. Thank you so much for offering this incredible service!”

- Desiree Abecassis, YES Entrepreneurship Client 2015 
Resource Health Center,



YES Artist Clients

ʺI think that my overall experience with the YES! Art expo greatly exceeded my expectations on so many levels. Being a regional artist, from such a small isolated community, I have often fought with myself about weather or not to continue my artist career. Getting accepted by YES! for this amazing event kick-started my drive to create art that came from my soul, and also helped me represent my home; a place that not only has lost its way of life with the fishery, but also its youth, and even its villages. I have moved back to the Lower North Shore in hoping to help promote tourism through my art. Being able to show my work in Montreal, to give out old-fashioned candy made from its berries, and heck, to be able to even draw a map to show people that, yeah, we exist all the way up here, and invite them for a visit, has helped not only me, but perhaps my region as well.
I have come to realize that creating my art is so much bigger than just myself, I have an entire region that supports and encourages me to keep going. In fact, the local newspaper, The Local Wave, had posted pictures and information about the YES! Art Expo during the last day of the show, by that night I had 1900 views, emails, and messages from 'coasters' all over Canada cheering me on.
Thank you, for making me realize that I have something to offer the art world beyond the Lower North Shore as well. I have made new business contacts, and artist friends that will stay with me for a lifetime. The YES! staff (who encouragingly dubbed me "the Rock Lady") were so friendly, and helpful, and virtually made my fears of being in the big city disappear with their warm smiles.  
This was a week I will never forget, and I hope to be back to Montreal very soon. (I ran out of business cards, woo hoo!)ʺ 

Lori-Lee (AKA The Rock Lady), YES Artistsʹ Program Client 2015